Luminar 2018 or Luminar 3



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    Don Cameron

    Thanks Mike, sounds like Luminar3 is a different product - are there two release versions running in parallel, that's odd?... I'm happy with the 2018 version (and that's what I bought) so I guess I'll stick with it. Thanks again.

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    Don Cameron

    Thanks again Mike... the emails weren't quite so explanatory... :-) Appreciate your time.

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    Merle Becker

    Luminar Filter or Masking for totally Black or White Background  - NO COMPLAINTS

    Hi folks - hope that I am right Blog. There's two many of them, need to simplify them. Can anybody provide me the steps, (pretty detailed) or reference a great video on how to take a portrait or even an animal photo and completely black out the background or make it totally white.  I once saw a video, (maybe Laurie) on this some time ago.

    It is a magnificent affect in the photos that I have seen but folks are not sharing their secrets.  So here I am.  I have using L 2018 for a few months now plus Aurora 19, so prefer tips related to those if possible.  I have L19 but have not activated it yet pending organization of my folders and completing a redundant backup.  

    Be nice and give an ol plugger some help!!! I am not a techie so more details the better.  Thanks folks in advance.



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    Kirk Osborn

    Hi Merle,

    Please visit this link to see how to change a background on photos:

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