How do I remove a Plugin from the Aurora 2019 dropdown List?



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    Phil Hurd

    I did this BUT you do so at your own risk.

    Start Terminal, should be in {MacHD}/Users/{username}/Applications/Utilities

    Make sure Aurora2019 is not running

    At the command prompt type

    defaults delete com.macphun.aurorahdr2019

    This will clear ALL of the Plugins from your Aurora 2019 menu. You will then need to open Aurora 2019 and re-load the Plugins you want using PLUGINS >OTHER >OPEN PLUGIN



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    Ronald Skinner

    Hmmm maybe I'll give that a try


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Ronald,

    The only way at the moment is to do as Phil suggested which will remove all plugins. You'll then be able to add back only the ones you want.

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