Was I waiting for that?



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    Steve Ratts


    You're absolutely right we need to be able to tag pictures with keywords. This is on their roadmap and I think may be coming in January/February.

    I'm curious what you're looking for with respect to geotagging. If your camera has GPS or a similar capability it may already put the location into the metadata. Skylum has indicated there is a planned update to include editing that data, so perhaps that will address this concern.

    The current version (3.0.1) is quite capable of creating sub-albums. The only constraint I'm aware of is there needs to be at least one image in the album before you can create a sub-album under it. Have you tried that?

    I'm curious what you mean when you say "a decent solution for printing those pictures". Do you mean sending an image to a printer on your home network? I've not looked for that as I send my images out to a professional shop when I want a hard copy, so export works fine for that.

    You're quite right they need to improve the IPTC data available in the library. This too is on their roadmap. Hopefully we'll get it soon.

    I think on your last point it sounds like you're looking for a way to export a .lmnr file. That's already planned as well. It's currently already possible to have your catalog on an external dive and move that from machine to machine.

    I would add to your list that it's also essential they release some sort of migration tools for those coming form Lightroom/Aperture/On1/etc. The Lightroom migration tool is on their roadmap, but it's not clear when we'll see it. For me, the tool is a fun toy (which seems to work fine within the limitations of it's current feature set), but I can't move away from LR unless it's possible to bring all that hard work with me.



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    Peter Schlaufer

    Hi Steve

    Thank you for your reply. My history is, that I was working for so many years with Lightroom and was much appreciating the features of their solution, this includes that one could apply geotagging on a Googlemap, in case of pictures, which were not tagged. I do however have a good solution für geotagging with Geotag Photos Pro and once the IPTC data are available this will not pose a problem anymore. However for printing pictures Lightroom had a marvelous tool with all the setups preset layouts, something similar woulb be a great thing. I will go and try the subalbums, thank you.

    My last point was, that I am working with an external drive because I am working with the desktop at home and a portable when I am on travel. There fore when I am doing editing on a file, I want to be sure, that this is changed in the file on the external drive, so that these editings are available on all the computers.

    It may well be, that I was a bit disappointed after waiting that long, not to get a finished product. Finally I do not want to go back to LR.

    Thank you


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    Anna Veres

    Hi Peter,

    We do have a more advanced printing tool in plans. 

    As Steve has already mentioned, we are going to add the functionality to save the files in lmnr format back in the future updates. 

    However, no ETA, for now.

    Hope for your understanding. 


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    Peter Schlaufer

    Hi Anna

    These are some good news

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    Martin Connolly

    Hi Anna, any chance you can say what functionality the new printing tool will include?

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Martin,

    Not at this time. We'll release more info once we get closer to the release.

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