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    Yves Canty

    Hi Philip,

    I too would like this feature added.

    According to this video from Jim Nix, there's supposed to be a way to show the filename in a tab bar at the top. Unfortunately, I don't see this option in my version of Luminar 3.0.1 for Mac.  Do you?

    Even if that worked, I'd like the option to see key metadata under each picture like you suggest, so we can see more at a glance without having to click on each picture first.


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    Steve Ratts

    I agree it would be nice to see the file name in the library mode. Right now you can get that if you happen to be looking at a single image in Library mode and turn on showing "Current Photo Actions". You can enable that a couple ways, including toggling the "Hide/Show Current Photo Actions" menu item in the View menu, and also from the toolbar using the widget that's just to the left of the one that shows and hides the Looks. But that only gives it to you when you're looking at a single image and what you asked for is to be able to get the file names when looking as a set of images in Library mode. I agree that would be nice!

    FYI: According to the roadmap ( they're planning to have a capability to cope with RAW and jpg versions of the same file. Sounds like you're asking for something like that but to also cope with TIFF? It may be that the planned feature will address your concern.

    • Raw + JPG (Luminar Libraries)

      You'll be able to work with Raw & JPG versions of the same image in a more convenient way. View as a single image, but switch between versions in real time.

    I agree it would be nice to include TIFF in that list. Aurora 2018 sends things back as TIFF, although with a new filename (which definitely makes sense if the HDR was constructed from multiple images as most are). What about the case where you're making an HDR from a single RAW? In that case I might want to keep the same name (other than the .tiff extension) and cope with all the versions of that file. I expect there are other similar use case like if you take an image to Photoshop or some other tool.



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    Ken Bergmann

    I agree.  This is a must have.  I have several sets of bracketed exposures and I need to see the file names at a glance.

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    Daniel Scholz

    Thanks for your suggestions! We'll try to change this in our future updates. At the moment you can see the file name only when you open an image (you might use the film strip to quickly change between different images though).

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    Mark Barnes

    This feature is essential!..and shouldn't be too difficult to include, If for no other reason that so many of us need it. Please inlude this in the next update!!


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    Ye Wu

    Agreed. And it is better if we can see both file name and picture information (Shutter/ISO/Aperture/Taken time, etc.,) on thumbnail. A good reference is lightroom's thumbnail view.

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