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    Robert Chlup

    I have the same Problem User Guide in german  grrrrrrr

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    Denis Kotsee

    Download the guide here:

    @Robert Chlup sorry for the issue on the website, we'll fix it asap.

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    Karen Banks

    Thank you Denis for the link.......was wanting that myself.


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    Chris Hilbrand

    Thanks from me to Denis too. It's a pity for a mayor editing software company to renounce of publishing a user manual as PDF on their own website. When your screen is full of picture work and you need a quick solution for a specific step it's more than awful to switch online and search a reply in the online help. Pros have a tablet aside where they can browse through pdf-manuals without interrupting their work on the big screen!

    @Denis, please report it to your company NOW.

    AND into Skylum's notebook: I ocassionally give lectures to demanding photographers. Most of them ask me to recommend a suitable RAW-editing-software. I regularly name only those which provide a user manual as PDF. So in the HDR-field Aurora 2019 will make the race, but in RAW-editing line Luminar 3 will not be mentioned until Skyum will complete their homework. (Luminar 2018 did it and was among the RAW-editor top names).

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    Anna Veres

    Hi @Chris, 

    Thank you for your feedback. 

    I have forwarded your request to the person in charge. 


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