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    Jonathan Photograph

    yes it is faster and better but there are still some bugs

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    Nutthanun Gunthasen

    3.0.1 side panel still deactivate when I re-edit some image.

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    Eckhard Meierkord

    No, its not any faster here and I can confirm that the side panels are still de-activated when I re-edit images. Not usable at all!

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    Susan Wiethorn

    How do I:

    In the Library view, filter out file types (ie. JPG's). I shoot both JPG and RAW (Olympus) files. When L3 loads a folder, it loads all files. From the UI I am not able to discern which is which unless I click on each one. This also happens on  left hand ribbon.


    Why are the navigation sliders so narrow. You have plenty of dead space to make the sliders a bit wider. For those who work on a Touch-screen, the 2-pixel wide vertical are so hard to get a handle on.





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    K.G. Wuensch

    @Susan, you can‘t filter filetype (yet, the update that allows that may now be pushed back because of the numerous issues that need to be fixed first) and the UI doesn‘t seem to account for high DPI displays...

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    Ralf Wangemann

    I don't believe that Luminar 3 is faster after the latest update. I have the impression, that ist works even slower than before. Loding a file with a few photographs  (approximately 100) seems that it lasts almost forever. And when loading is ready, I am forced to wait some more time to start editing the photo, wich I will work with.  Sometimes during editing a photo the program crashes and freezes. It can only be stopped by using the task-manager. Until these difficulties are resolved, I will rarely Luminar 3 anymore.  That's why I will continue to use Luminar 2018...

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    Mark Babbitt

    I cannot even get my photos to load...Finally got into the program....It only took over 5 minutes to load! Then I could NOT get photos to open. WTF is this....

    Running: Win10

    i7 processor

    16GB RAM

    I've had to uninstall 3 times, Clean my registry and defrag my computer. This program is more bugged than No Mans Sky (game).

    FIX once and for all....we all want to use it!


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    Tom Pickering

    Patrick -

    It must be wonderful to work for Skylum and have a top of the line Mac desktop machine.  I'm so happy for you. d:¬{|

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    Manfred Gottschalk

    I stopped loading the program on Windows 10 with i7 processor: 5 min 45 sec! The version. So I use further on Luminar 2018 additional to Lightroom. And, btw, all already done working steps saved in a dng file cannot be recognized by Luminar. I think there will be still a lot to do. 

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    Anna Veres

    Hi All! 

    I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

    The update that will resolve the performance issues and add some speed to Luminar 3 will be released at the beginning of February.  

    Hope for your patience.  

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