Luminar 3.0.1 is here



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    Eric Hanauer

    Stability on the Mac is much improved. 3.0 crashed within 3 to 5 minutes every time I used it. 3.0.1 seems to have solved the problems. I used it for over an hour with no crashes. Thanks.

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    Scott DB

    YAY!   Can't wait to give it a spin tonight!   Thanks for the update guys!



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    Jim West

    Still crashes on my 24GB RAM 500SSD iMac?!?!?!? Also still very slow. 

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    Niranjan Acharya

    3.0.1 is slow, crashes with specific images (I had to remove the external SSD, so that the image does not load, delete the life's pains-taking edited image) then reload the SSD to continue. 

    Also, unable to select multiple images to load into Aurora HDR, each image is opened separately.

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    Andrew Hewitt

    Seems OK for crashes here too so far. Still very slow to do any editing, but I don't think that was expected on this update.

    [Edit] Ok, it's crashed now, just opening it up to do some more trialling.

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    David Hurst

    Crashed 10 times in 30 minutes for me - much worse than 3.0.0.

    2018 15" MBP with 6 core i7.

    It also runs like a dog, cooks the CPU so the fan spins constantly, and drains the battery very quickly. Full of bugs. Very laggy.

    This isn't even beta software - alpha at best.

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    Pauli Araneva

    I´m still waiting support for Nikon Z 6.


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    Colin Grant

    Strange how different hardware has different results. I am on a 2017 iMac 4k and have had no significant issue since launch, other than the dam that is not a dam that is. Things feel a little more robust since the update but have noticed no significant change. I am not a heavy editor though - not loads of layers etc.

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    K.G. Wuensch

    Against better knowledge I gave Luminar 3.0.1 a short stint - it took only 15 seconds to make it crash...

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    Colin Grant

    What did you do to make it crash then? 


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    K.G. Wuensch

    Added some photos to one of the watched folders, it never recovered...

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    Paul Jennings

    If you had bought this on the high street you would have taken it back by now and demanded your money back - I have wasted 2 years of purchases here based on promises and the best I have been offered is a link to request a refund which doesn't actually work. I am also on a new full specified SSD iMac and can't use an arrow key without it crashing - the support was "try deleting it and re-installing" - thanks for nothing.

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    Brandon Adkins

    I have not been able to export a JPG of a RAW file, period. Crashes every time. It is slow, but allows me to make edits and adjustments, but on export it always dies.

    I am not a high-volume user, but was impressed and recently purchased Luminar. The occasional exports/images from RAW that really matter to me have been failing since moving to Luminar 3. It is very frustrating.

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    Ian Chou

    Mac OS 10.11.6. Mac Pro Early 2008. 20GB RAM. AMD Radeon HD 7950. Photos and Catalog are on a Synology NAS.

    L3 Cache = 62 GB. ~46K Images

    I can still get it to freeze with a beachball if I click and drag the scrollbar (which would be helpful if it were a bit bigger), especially if I am scrolling from the bottom to the top of a large number of images. 

    It has also frozen while trying to edit an image.

    L3 is very slow when starting up when it tries to load the catalog, but this is probably mostly the cost of having it go over the NAS. A progress bar might be nice, rather than a beachball and the process status reporting the application is not responding. Or some indication something is happening. There are several minutes of the application window being displayed and a list of my folders and albums with no image counts. During this time I can interact with the menu but there is no indication that it is loading any of the images, and then I get the beachball during which time the counts show up and then finally the image thumbnails populate.


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    Evan Chan

    3.0.1 is more stable.  No more crashes so far.

    Cannot load multiple images into Aurora HDR.   This pain point should be addressed soon.

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    Michael Ganz

    The initial version did not recognize any 3rd-party plugins...selecting Edit/Plugins/Other caused the menu window to blank out and always led to a crash; using bracket keys to adjust brush size always led to a crash also...both issues seem to have been 'fixed' in 3.0.1

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    Mike Crosa

    I loaded up Luminar 2018 and was happy at what I saw of the dam.  It uploaded my photos with no problem.  I did do some editing and it worked like a charm.

    Then I uploaded the update and my problems began.  I would try to do an edit and the program would die. I would have to reboot and started work and boom, it would die on me.

    I am not a power user, just a guy trying to do some simple edits. this is quite disappointing.  When is the correction to this "problem" going to be fixed?



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    Joseph Gilchrist

    I installed the 3.0.1 version and it is more table on my machine.  It is still crashing but not as frequently.  It has crashed when moving between images.  

    The Library functionality is still really rough with only have the year and month or on specific folders to choose and organize images.  No quick way from what I can see to create an album for selected metadata from what I can see.  I have not attempted to bring in all my images from and external drive. Approximately 130K images.

    I also noticed that the previous Luminar presets do not get installed on Luminar 3 even after downloading and attempting to instal them.  Also would like to have a quick way to reset the image without having to delete all added filters.  





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    Rob Davis

    Lasted a whole minute before it crashed. Why am I not surprised.

    OS 10.13.6

    1TB SSD

    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

    4 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB

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    Colin Grant

    >Also would like to have a quick way to reset the image without having to delete all added filters.<

    Go here:

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    Charmaine Padilla

    Mac Luminar 3 Update worked for a little while then CRASHED! UGH!! I really want to drop Lightroom, guess that's not happening anytime soon.

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    Colin Grant

    It will be a long time, if ever, before Luminar is anywhere near the standard of Lr. Given the track record of Skylum, would you really trust their software to keep a lifetimes digital assets safe!

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    Michał Kotarbiński

    Crashes quite frequently on mbpro mid 2017. Also still no support for CR3 file.

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    Lutz Ulrich

    Same here. MBP 2017

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    Jay Morgan

    Been using Ver. 3.0.1 for a few days now and still experiencing crashing.    Uninstalled, deleted library and started from scratch and still have crashing issues.   Also, when I went to export about a dozen photos it took about 10 seconds / photo to export.  

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    Ray Burkhart

    My library is pointing to photos on my NAS. Luminar 3 initially built the library and then started the long, tedious process of finally organizing my photos into albums. Spent many hours over several days going through less than a third of my 60K+ photos. Everything looked good for a while. After a few days of not using Luminar (although still running in the background), I return to find my library is almost entirely empty (only about 3500 images found) and the library had to completely rebuild. But worst of all, even after the library finished rebuilding, 90% of the files organized into the albums were no longer assigned to the albums. Days of organizing work gone. It seems there may be some issues involved with libraries when photos are physically stored on a NAS. My guess is the NAS disconnects during sleep mode and Luminar 3 refreshes the library and can't see the files, so it wipes them out of the library. Anyone else seen this issue?

    MacOS Mojave, 27" iMac (2017)

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    Angela Andrieux

    We're aware of the performance issues, and we're truly sorry if you encountered them. We will release an update meant to target these issues at the end of January - beginning of February.


    We'll add sending bracket groups to Aurora in the next update for Luminar 3. We planned to include this function in the initial release but there are some integration details that we need to iron out before shipping the function.


    If you're still experiencing crashes or other issues after updating please visit the News & Updates section of the forum to read the Luminar 3 Update From Support which has a list of known issues. If your issue isn't listed please contact us at

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