Luminar 3.0.1 is here



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    Nick Barber

    I've installed the update and there's no change at all for me, I'm afraid. (Windows 7, 16gig RAM, i7 processor, 100k images approx). Prior to the fix, after importing images Luminar 3 just hung at the opening splash screen with a spinning ball and the memory bloated up to around 13%. Same thing happens but the memory bloating has gone up to 15%, so it's actually made the problem slightly worse.

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    Marc Dobson

    Can we please have the standalone installation file as your installers do not work for many people.

    This installer update does not work for me and nor did the first release but the full install file does.

    There are numerous threads on this error message from first release.

    Do yourself and your support team a favour and releases the full installation file!


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    Fred Lüdemann

    Thanks to the Skylum team.

    My big problems are eliminated!
    But - so far, I have not yet imported very large catalogs.

    The problem with the AI -Sky-Enhancer is not solved yet. This filter may not be used until the update at the end of January.


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    Kent McCorkle

    Some issues have been addressed,but the program is still extremely slow in opening images.  Opening the editing/filter panels is unnecessarily slow as well. 

    Editing images with this version will still be a slow and tedious process.

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    Chris Boursnell

    I have installed the new update and so far I can see no improvement. I am still getting the same problems I had before.

    I have tried importing all my photos and I have found that Luminar just can't cope with this. I have started with a folder of just 2000 photos to test it out. It does not seem to be able to cope with this either. The update said that the problem with duplicates had been fixed, but I still have a lot of duplicated images in my library. I tried to remove the folder from the catalog in order to re-add it, but Luminar crashed and didn't remove it. When I double click on an image in my library it goes to the "edit" section but sometimes doesn't show the image. Some images show and some don't. When the image does show the "Add filters" button is greyed out so I can't actually edit the image. Often when I click on the image to zoom in, nothing happens. When I zoom using the dropdown menu to choose 100% does zoom the image takes about 5 minutes to sharpen up to the 100% view. 

    On a lesser issue you have a problem with "sort by capture time". You need to include milliseconds in the sort. When I have taken a burst of images they are not in the correct order because the library is only sorting by seconds. 

    (I'm on Windows 7)

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    Guy Inkognito

    Like Nick Barber, nothing changed for me too.

    - I can edit 1 (one) image. When i left the edit area once, i can neither edit the image i edited before, nor can i edit any other image. The overview doesn´t show thumbnails of edited images and i can´t revert the changes done to the image (nothing happens via the context menu). If i restart Luminar, i can edit one image again.

    - Let´s say i added two folders with images. When i open one of the folders, the thumbnails will be loaded. Then i open the other folder...thumbnails will be loaded. When i open the first folder again, thumbnails will be loaded again. So, for every folder i open i have to wait for the thumbnails to be loaded. Is this behaviour intended ?

    - After switching between these folders...5...6...7...times, there won´t be shown any thumbnails at all. I have to restart Luminar to get the thumbnails back.

    - Folders, albums, 'all images', 'recently added',...all acts the same

    Sadly, Luminar 3 is not useable for me, because i can´t do anything with this software.

    System: Windows 10 64Bit // Intel 8700k // 16GB RAM // SSD


    Best regards

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    jean Vidal

    Help !!

    Si avant ça fonctionné lentement maintenant lorsque je vais dans edition plus rien s'affiche meme pas la barre de look seule l'image mais pas d'edition     merci luminar

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    Roy Blackwell

    I am not sure everyone realizes that the 3.0.1 update is simply a hotfix for some critical issues with v3.0.0. As stated in the Support Team posts pinned to the top of this forum, a performance update is due end of January/early February. It is a bummer we have to wait that long, but it is what it is.

    How can you tell if you have the new version, check Help... About Luminar 3 from the menu. On Windows that option was not available with v3.0.0.

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    K.G. Wuensch

    @Roy, then maybe it still would be better to retract the mess...

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    Nick Barber

    It does say “fixed 40+ crash issues” - just not mine! (And I can’t check which version I have as the programme won’t open to get that far...)

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    John Aldred

    surely the whole point is this is supposed to fix the problems  ,,,,,  there should not have been or still be problems.  Luminar 3 was issued by Skylum when it clearly was not and still is not, fit for purpose. I cannot see any improvement with this update either.

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    Les Fairall

    Grrrr  Luminar 3 update install is failing just like the original install of 3 did.   I run Luminar 3, it says 3.0.1 (1610)  is available.  I click  "install update".  26Mb file downloads, says Ready to install,  I click that install, get the agreement,  it then shows destination dir, which is correct, tons of free space, click on install.  And then the old "Unexpected error has occurred and the try again later".  

    I assume its because it cant download the rest of the update? 

    Please point me to link I can download to do the update.  (just like I had to do to get original install to work) Or should I just download the full 3.0.1 install listed above and use that instead?

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    Tom Fortuna

    Still doesn't work! This un-test, bug ridden crap is NOT an update, it is BETA software. When are you people going to just be honest and call it what it is. I'm tired of testing your software for you and PAYING for the privilege of doing so. The main reason that I purchased Luminar 2018 was the promise of Luminar with libraries by the end of year. You LIED! I'm done! Going back to Lightroom.


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    George Dimitroff

    I am a new user to Luminar 3 investigating alternative to subscription. I followed Lightroom from 1.0-6.14.

    Potential for Luminar seems very good but requires patience for ongoing updates with support/user dialogue which is impressive.

    Main issues for me at 3.0.1 are 1) Import button(s) still missing for Windows 2) Export menu is basic (e.g., no watermark and batch file naming) and 3) no print module. However, editing filters are impressive.

    My workflow is to continue with Lightroom 6.14 while learning Luminar and monitor for enhancements over time.  Cheers.

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    Ashley Goble

    Great update. Mine to loading and running faster now!

    Unfortunately the F key still doesn't make a photo go full screen. Will this be fixed on the next update?  

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    Andrew Davis

    Updated no problem (so far). Should I uninstall Luminar 2018? I was expecting Luminar 3 to overwrite the old version.


    Any issues if I do that?

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    Dan Little

    I have installed the new luminar updates and now it will not open at all. It worked better before I did the updates. Now what do I do?

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    Nick Barber

    Join the club Dan!

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    Rich Goldman

    Without a doubt, the worst release of software ever....

    I'm still getting this error message...this should have been tested before you released it....very poor quality control....On One Photo Raw 2019 works perfectly upon installation.....

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    Leon Backland

    I launched L3, clicked on the update button, and got this dialogue. Which do I choose...Repair or Uninstall?

    My inclination was to choose Repair, but the Uninstall button appears as the default choice so I'm thinking maybe the update process first needs to uninstall previous version 3.0 and then it proceeds with installing 3.0.1.

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    Bernhard Martin

    Repair of course!

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    Darryl Brooks

    3.0 didn't work. 3,01 doesn't work. I guess my question is, how could you release software with 40+ crash issues? 

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    Karel Suchanek

    My problem persists. I can not re-edit an edited image. At least after using of the AI Image Enhancer

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    Harry Conte

    Unfortunately, I'm having the same problem.  

    I did a repair on L3 and then tried again but I can't get the update to load.

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    yves bonnemaison

    I just installed the upgrade 3.0.1, nothing is changed,
    each launch L3 is unusable for 10 minutes minimum
    scan of the library of 1800 photography, nothing has
    changed with this upgrade. very disappointed. other
    software used databases like ON1 or DXO and
    this phenomenon does not exist the library is opened
    instantly and the software is exploitable. I think you
    can do the same thing.

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    Matthias Lau

    After this update I can edit each picture only once. Once editet, all buttons are grayed out. Even Presets don't work. This way the software is unusable. 

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    Holger Sell

    I just started processing a batch of pictures on my laptop as I am on the move at present. (Dell 7390 i5,16GB RAM, SSD, latest Windows 10 build). It hasn't Crashed so far yet as it did prior to the update. However, I am about 30 pictures in, from 800 imported RAW files and Luminar is occupying 9.3GB of RAM!!! It swings between 6GB and 10GB! That is insane. I just trialed ON1 on the same set of pictures and I average around 3.5GB. 

    How can it be so memory hungry? Also speed is still an issue. If you skip a few photos, the processing image sign is still showing and I cannot reject the picture. I need to click the X manually via mouse click, and after that time I can reject pictures via Keybaord again. 

    the other positive thing I have noticed was the Thumbnails aren't as blurry and even zooming in now resolves properly. 

    Not yet ready for prime time. 

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    Holger Sell

    I spoke too early. Seems like Luminar did a memory purge of some sort down to 4GB however at that stage the software crashed. Painful. I have 10k pictures to process on the move. :(

    when is the next update coming? 

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    Craig Levine

    I tried a round trip from Lightroom. When I saved the image in Luminar 3, none of my changes were exported back to Lightroom. I can't find a file with my Luminar edits, if it was even saved at all.

    While I appreciate the work that has gone into the software, I would have understood if Skylum had delayed release until it was ready for prime-time, rather than shoving extremely unready early-beta code out the door just to hit an arbitrary target date on the calendar.

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    Marco Foresti

    <<My workflow is to continue with Lightroom 6.14 while learning Luminar and monitor for enhancements over time.>>


    The same for me.

    Luminar 3.0.1 still takes 11-15 minutes to start and has a lot of random, strange behaviors. For example, i switched the workspace from "professional" to "black and white" and the image became overexposed, back to "professional" and the image remained overexposed with a magenta cast and a continuous "image processing" in the bottom left. No way to stop it and get the right decoding, I had to switch to a different image to continue working.

    Is there at the moment anyone able to use Luminar 3 in a production enviroment? 



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