Multiple versions of an image?



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    Steve Ratts

    I believe this is on the roadmap. Possibly to be seen in the January/February update?

    For now, you can always make a duplicate copy of the original image with a variant name and you'll get the same effect. Granted, you'll also eat up some disk space doing it...



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    Michael Sonshine

    It sounds as though you make "virtual copies" of your images so you can edit them differently and either export all of them or choose between them. Luminar has listed this functionality as something coming in a future update, but not available right now. You can see another discussion of this request here: 


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    Adam Greenspan

    Thanks - that's helpful.  I guess for now, I'll make manual copies of the original image - not ideal, but it will let me accomplish what I'm trying to do.  To me, this is one of the main advantages to non-destructive editing, so I hope this feature comes out sooner rather than later.  From a technology point of view, it's all just meta data so it's not hard to implement.

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    Mark Barnes

    I hope it's in the next update. It's an important tool. Several other editors have this function.


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Mark,

    It likely won't be in the next update, but we are working on it. It is planned for later this year.

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