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    Michael Sonshine

    I can only speak about the presets, which are now called Looks in L3. The preset files can be moved directly from their 2018 folder location to the L3 folder location. On the Mac if you start Luminar 2018 and go to Files -> Show Presets Folder, Finder will open and show you the location of the Presets files. You can copy them, then open L3, go to Files -> Show Luminar Looks Folder and, when Finder opens with the target location, you can past them into that folder. Restart L3 and you should have your presets.

    A similar sequence should also work on Windows although the pulldown terminology may be slightly different.


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    Steve Ratts

    L2018 Presets can also be installed via the .mplumpack files they're distributed with. If .mplumpack files are not already associated with L3 (If you have L2018 installed previously they're likely associated with that), then just right click on them and select Open With and from there pick L3. Or, you can also use File > Add Luminar Looks Collection... from within L3 and point that at the .mplumpack file.

    For LUTs it actually works just like L2018. With an image open in Edit click on the "+ Add Filer" button. From there pick "LUT Mapping" in the "PROFESSIONAL" filter category. This will add a LUT mapping filter to your current image. That filter will have a "Choose LUT" button that will bring up a list of your currently installed LUTs, and at the top of that list you'll find two options "Load Custom LUT File..." and "Download new LUT files..."

    I think it would be nice to be able to get to that functionality without needing to add a LUT Mapping filter to an image, but at least the functionality is there - and in fact seems to look and work exactly like in L2018.



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    Angela Andrieux

    All Looks you had in Luminar 2018 are already transferred to Luminar 3.

    To import Custom Looks from Luminar 2018 to Luminar 3, follow these steps:

    1. Launch Luminar 2018, click File > Show Presets Folder.
    2. A folder will open. You will see folders for all custom presets that you have.
    3. Open the folders one by one and copy files from them to a place on your computer that you can easily access. I recommend creating a folder on your Desktop and putting all looks files there.
    4. Launch Luminar 3, click File > Import Luminar Looks Collection > navigate to the folder where you copied the look files, press CMD+A on your keyboard to select all files at once, and click Open.
    5. Open any image in Luminar 3, navigate to the user looks collection - all your presets from Luminar 2018 should be available there.

    For LUTs

    Dropdown shows 5 most recent files. If a user absolutely needs it, it's possible to add custom LUTs into the folder where the default LUTs are and have them display in the main menu. There won't be a scrollbar in the menu but you can still scroll through them.

    The path on Mac is:


    The path on Windows is:

    C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 3\Data\LutFiles

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