Luminar 3.0.1 is here



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    Rob Williams

    Update keeps failing. Never actually fully downloads. Can you provide a valid link for those of us who have already activated their copy of L3 please.

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    Andrew Worsdale

    Non of my photo's can now be viewed and the software still takes over two hours to open!!!

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    Gerald Barber

    When I run WIndows Help->Check for updates, Luminar reports that I'm already running the latest version (3.0.0) and doesn't offer me the update, which I need since my current catalog crashes 3.0.0 whenever I try and launch the program.

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    Tom Pickering

    Mine takes 20 minutes to open.  I think if there was a way to turn off the DAM, the program would be usable.  How about that, Angela?

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    Frank Ferriolo

    These issues have been addressed with the fix. Thanks.

    "I am a Windows user. I agree there is a problem when trying to re-edit RAW files. Luminar 3 will not allow a re-edit. This is a problem that must be fixed ASAP. Waiting till FEB for this is not acceptable. Also, the filmstrip order does not stay in sequence after the edit of a file. I have to search up and down the film strip to find the file I just edited."




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    Christian Störcher

    Still not usable; it´s just terrible slow! I thought it could keep up with Googles Picasa, which was for free but fast as hell even on small systems. Luminar 3 is quite dissapointing and i hope it will get much better...

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    Jim West

    The original version 3.0 was running fine for the first week with over 17K photos in the library, but then started to crash consistently.  I have ran the update and it still crashes for no reason. I have a 24GB RAM iMac and a 500GB SSD card. I have honestly tried to use Luminar as a LR replacement but am losing my patience.  Other issues are that photos jump from one to the next at the slightest touch of the mouse. It is still very slow to load a photo and run through the RAW processing. 

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    Olaf Ernst

    I am not beating around the bush. For me, Luminar 3 or 3.01 is currently completely useless. The performance is really really bad. Even though there are plans to roll out another update end of the month, doesn't convince me to keep it.

    I found a solution for myself for the time being.

    Uninstalled everything and went back to Bridge/PS CS6. 

    I am always willing to try out new promising software. But as it looks right now this thing is far from even remotely ready.

    I really hope that you will get things fixed for those who are willing to wait.....

    I'll check back in like 6 months and see how it went

    (Custom built I7, 32GB , M2., several SSD, Quadro GPU and so on and on)

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    Jan Willem de Visser

    My 'solution for the time being' is to use Luminar 2018 (Mac).

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    Anastasia Davis

    Please note that we will release an update which addresses other issues in January - February. The app will be more stable and speedy.

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    Gregory Daikos

    Any release notes ?


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    mod man
    Hello have the same error as with install of luminar 3 (connection error please try it later) for the update 33.0.1
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    Claude Beauchemin

    I already installed the Version 3.0.1 on my Mac, without any problem. But it would be important to know what are the change from 3.0 to 3.0.1 !

    Is that real, I found this: ?

    Release Notes:
    Luminar 3 3.0.1 (1610):
    * Stability improved. Fixed 40+ crash issues.
    * Fixed language change issue.
    * Fixed issue with folder destination for catalog.
    * Fixed connection to internet issue.
    * Fixed crashes in LR/PS plugins.
    * Export/Share moved to file menu.
    * Fixed issues with duplicated images. 

    How to change the language from the French version to English (Hope it is an easy way and not a decision made by computer’s language!) 

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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Claude! In terms of language, I am afraid nothing has changed on Mac. It is a peculiarity of Mac OS, not Luminar.

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    Anastasia Davis

    @mod man 

    Your anti-virus software and firewall may be the issue. Please try the following:

    If the solution above doesn't work, please reach us at

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    David Vandiver

    photo edited with 3.1 are showing up in Windows photos as multiple edits, one edit shows 30 photos in Windows 10 photos, it's reading the Pictures\Luminar Catalog\PreviewCache\ this did not happen in 3.0, nevermind figured it out

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    Claude Beauchemin

    @Nastia, about the language change, the Lightroom and Affinity Photo are very easy to change the language, IN those LR & AF,  before you leaving them you can chose the language, but they ask you to restart to make it applied. 

    In Affinity Photo it is in the Preferences 10 languages to choose from.

    In Lightroom,  it is also in Preferences with 12 different languages to choose from.

    In other word they don’t have to be the language of my computer (iMac) contrary with Luminar 3; when I installed Luminar 3 it is instantly in the language my computer is settle (French in my case) but if I want to change language of Luminar 3 only, all my computer will have to be modified (in English, German, Chinese, etc...) .

    But the French language in Luminar 3 is superb, well translated.

    NOTE to Nastia.----  I don’t have any anti-virus and no Firewall at all in my 8 years old iMac version 10.13.6

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    Tim Gillespie

    Strike 2!

    How many more of these releases do you think people will suffer through? This software is nowhere ready for release.

    This is really disappointing!

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    Colin Grant

    That really is a good question, Tim. Indeed how long can Skylum survive if this keeps happening. There is so much I love about Luminar, the results can be quite outstanding and relatively easy to get to. I have had more than enough of Skylum since their inception but I love the concept and have hung around just in case or in the hope that the company will get its act together. I am still here but they have lost ground. I need to settle on a dam and I cannot wait until the end of 2019 before there is a L3 with at least basic dam functionality. Why did they go down that dam road? The app works fine with NeoFinder on Mac, complete with Geotagging. Why try and reinvent what does not need reinventing. So sad.

    Skylum please get it together and soon. Thank you.

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    Steve Ratts

    Sad to see so much frustration going on. For me 3.0.1 has solved issues with crashing when editing images in a library on an external drive (thanks!) and also seems noticeably faster in many ways (thanks again!).

    I've got an Apple Magic Mouse, so I am seeing the very annoying problem where you click on one image to edit and then all of a sudden you're several images down the film strip. I can cope with that, but it certainly is annoying and I hope it gets fixed in the next release.

    When I get back home I look forward to trying it out on my desktop machine to see if I really can have a library in Dropbox and coordinate between laptop and desktop that way.



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    Colin Grant

    Steve, it works well enough here too. No crashes and editing is going well. Can't say much about the DAM as it is not fully functional by any stretch. Have 4k images in it and it browses around ok seemingly. But with no search, tagging or exif it is of no real use to me. Have been waiting 2 years for it, hence the frustration. Still as a plugin to Lr things are good....but 2018 was also good there.

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    Steve Ratts

    I agree the DAM is of limited real use presently. I think it's a huge step in the right direction, but until I can actually migrate my LR catalog with keywords and edits it's really just a toy to play with and get a feel for how it might eventually work. If I were starting from scratch I'd just dive in and make use of it; but I expect very few of us are starting from scratch.

    Like everyone else, I've got a huge investment of time and effort over years with my existing catalog. You can't just walk away from that - or at least shouldn't need to. Right now LR migration is on the roadmap for 3.1, so I'm eager to see how they deal with that. I hope it's not just grabbing my metadata and keywords, but how will it translate LR edits into Luminar? Global edits may translate pretty smoothly in most cases, but local edits may be another matter - particularly with the erase tool.

    Speaking of the erase tool, I don't (yet) see how Luminar is going to catch up to LR there. The LR erase is just waaaay faster and in every case I've compared them also produces better results. What I'd really like to see is an erase in Luminar that could rival the Content Aware Fill in PS! I know that's asking a lot; but right now CAF is keeping me with an Adobe CC subscription...



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    Claude Beauchemin

    @Steve, you mean version 3.0.1 (not the 3.1) !

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    Steve Ratts

    Nope, I mean 3.1.0. Version 3.0.1 is the hot fix that's out now which does not have a Lightroom Migration tool. I believe version 3.1.0 is the one they expect to release at the end of January or in early Feb. I'm hoping that's the one where we'll get the Lightroom Migration tool, but it's not exactly clear from their roadmap which encompasses planed features that are due out throughout next year.

    January - December, 2019


    • Raw + JPG (Luminar Libraries)

      You'll be able to work with Raw & JPG versions of the same image in a more convenient way. View as a single image, but switch between versions in real time.

    • Virtual Copies (Luminar Libraries)

      You'll be able to create versions of a photo with different styles, adjustments, editing history, etc. This is especially useful when you want to try different looks on the same image.

    • IPTC edit & sync (Luminar Libraries)

      You'll be able to edit core IPTC info. Plus create custom presets related to IPTC data and sync these presets across multiple images.

    • Hidden Features (Powered by AI)

      We are busy working on more innovative tools powered by Artificial Intelligence to save your time and help you create great photos faster.

    • Lightroom Migration Tool

      You will be able to move your data and images from Adobe Lightroom to Skylum Luminar.

    • Search (Luminar Libraries)

      You'll be able to quickly find the image you need, using keywords, EXIF information, and file names.

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    b bonev

    Photos with ProPhoto RGB profile does not generate proper color thumbnails.

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    Wade Waldrup

    The 3.0.1 update is slow as molasses in January.  Slow to load, slow to load photos, slow when changing between menus.  A useless piece of junk for the work that I do.  Does Skylum not test thoroughly before releasing a patch?  Pretty obvious that this problem isn't difficult to replicate.  Luminar 2018 worked great for me, as did the first release of 3.0.  Very disappointing.  I have fallen back to 2018 and will wait until Skylum gets its act together before trying version 3 again. 

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    Randy Wachs

    I am similarly frustrated. I find this software (both the .0 and .0.1 releases) to be fundamentally useless. I have spent (far too much) time trying to find any workable end use case for me. I feel very much like a beta tester who has PAID for the experience. I would like a refund but haven't seen any offer from the company along these lines. As it is, I have read far too many other issues people are experiencing (I am using the Mac variant but Windows users are having as many, or more, problems it seems), to devote more energy on this until such time a truly stable release is distributed. Very, very, discouraged with this company's decision to put out such an unstable product for sale to customers at this time. 

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    Robert Chlup

    I'm sick !  

    I have invested my money in a banana software! The software matures at the customer.

    I do not want to be a paying betatester

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    Thomas Etscher

    Update 3.0.1 is a step backward for me. Trying the new library with 30K+ photos. In 3.0.0 it runs not so bad. In 3.0.1 I had some (rare) crashes. my main problem is: the "recently added" functionality doesn't shows me new results. I can see the new added photos in folder view, but the "recently added" only shows me the last input from watched folders from 2 days ago. If you have any idea how to fix this here, I would be glad to hear. Or I have to wait for a bugfix, but "end of January / February" is way to far to get these problems fixed. Timeline is OK for a function update version, but not for a bugfix.

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    Marc Peeters

    It still the same,if I update Lum 2018 or Lum 3 it install it on the C: drive.

    Every time I want an update,  I must uninstall and then reinstall it on a drive I want ( Because it's my Computer, not yours)

    The program should now where Lum 2018 or Lum 3 is installed.

    No support for Canon R, CR3 Raw Files.

    Some thing have another place,don't do that,I like the Lum 2018 interface ( Keep it that way)

    Best regards

    Peeters Marc

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