Luminar 3 Update From Support Team 5



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    Rodney Brown

    Thank you for these updates, please keep them coming.

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    Martin Pilkington

    When I open up Luminar 3 and after I click Let's Get Started I can choose which folders to add. But that's it, nothing else happens, there are no back and next buttons at the bottom of the screen. nor is there a page number. If I close it down and start again the folders I've added have disappeared. I presume that's an indication that Luminar 3 hasn't picked anything up. Trying to set this up has been a total waste of my time.

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    Bob Wightman

    None of my Nikon NEF files for the following cameras will display the lens data in the info tab: D80, D7000, D750, D810 and D500. With a Z7, the shots taken with the 24-70mm Z-mount lens display the lens info, but the shots taken with the FTZ adapter don't display the lens info. I tried to attach a RAW file in the support page, but your system would not accept a file larger than 8MB. Not even my D80 files are that small!

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    Denis Kotsee

    @Martin Pilkington change the scaling of your display to 100%.

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