Status of L3 after deleting catalog in pictures, creating a new catalog in documents and importing 29 folders for a total of 3895 photos



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    Denis Kotsee

    No worries, we'll address the performance in the version 3.1.0 that is scheduled for the end of January - beginning of February.

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    Dave Boettcher

    Editing is not working at all.


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    Denis Kotsee

    Could you please elaborate?

    1. What is the format of the image that you can't edit?
    2. On which camera was the image in question shot?
    3. How are you entering the edit mode for the image in Luminar: via quick edit or from a folder in the library?
    4. What do you perceive as an indication that editing isn't working? If the Edit sidebar appears disabled, it usually means that Luminar hasn't fully loaded the image yet. Try waiting for the image to fully load, the Edit panel should become enabled then.

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