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    Barry Komar

    I agree with Tim's want for an Aperture integration tool for those of us with extensive Aperture libraries.

    There are a few features in Aperture that I use extensively in my workflow and I don't see them on Luminar 3. The most important is Aperture's "smart albums" where you can configure an album to show only photos that meet a certain criteria.

    I use these in conjunction with the star ratings on photos (which Luminar has).

    I start with a quick review of downloaded photos, marking any photos I want to retain and Post Process with 1 Star. these photos automatically appear in the smart album I created called "1 star - process"

    Next, I delve into the 1 star folder and do any processing and then mark photos that are finished with 4 stars. These photos then move to the smart album I created called "4 stars - to publish"

    Finally, when I publish/sent/print any 4 star photos I mark them with 5 stars and they move to the smart album called "5 stars-complete"

    I essentially have an organized view of a project in 3 smart folders that automatically update based on the status of the photos (needs to be processed/needs to be published/finished).

    This smart album function is central to my DAM workflow and it would be very, very, very helpful to have it in Luminar. So please keep that in mind when looking at new features and your roadmap.


    I do think you've done a superior job (for the limited work I've done with Luminar Libraries) vs Aperture on not having the hassle of importing photos into a library and then having them unavailable because the photo or folder gets moved...this was by far the most frustrating issue with Aperture - their whole library structure seemed designed for failure.

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    Jan Willem de Visser

    "Adding and editing geotag EXIF information"? Yes, please

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    Angela Andrieux

    @Tim Stahmer - Not in the immediate future (you can see what we are working on here: but we may add an Aperture migration tool and geotagging EXIF in the future.

    @Barry Komar - Thank you for sharing the details of your workflow. I can see how Smart Folders are very useful to you. I'll be sure to share this with our developers.

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