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    Roy Blackwell

    ReFile>Catalog>Show in Explorer doesn’t open an Explorer window on Windows: It shows in a Explorer window on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Professional, v1809 OS Build 17763.195.

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    David John

    shouldn't have all these fixes, bugs been done before Official release? It is an admission of sloppiness and carelessness to continue posting update date statements, asking Windows users of Luminar to wait for the update...

    Think about this whilst you software folks do the update—Ditch the DAM, or at least have the option to opt-out @ installation stage—and as an alternative use a structure/folders/(view contents) or such-like that many other photo/graphic apps/software do, for example, better faster results with Faststone freeware—does a simpler & better & reliable job than the mess I've experienced with Lum3 (which I have removed & returned to Lum 2018)!

    Maybe Skylum should cease the sale of Lum3/Windows, until further notice/update is completed, instead of wrongly promoting the product to unsuspecting Buyers who are NOT aware of all the proms/dysfunctional it is?

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    Vasiliy Rechevskiy

    Good afternoon. Can't activate the program

    Connection Error. Please try later

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    Greg Wallis

    1) Were there any real beta testers?

    2) If so, were they testing an entirely different version of Luminar?

    3) What is their collective excuse for saying the release is good to go? Or were they ignored due to commercial pressures?

    The exceptionally poor management decision to force L3 out the door by the end of 2018, at any cost, to try and save face has unquestionably tarnished the reputation of Skylum. Also, the Skylum "ambassadors" who have been singing its praises on YouTube for the past few weeks have clearly been lying. Shame on them.

    Let's see some honesty, common sense, and realistic dates for fixing Luminar. And I firmly second the idea of keeping the DAM as a separate module.

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    Rob Williams

     Oh exciting statements @GregWallis. Can you please provide evidence to back up your claim that ambassadors are lying?

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    Roy Blackwell

    @Vasiliy Rechevskiy: If you are in Russia, I believe your country blocks Skylum activation servers. If that is the case, you may need to use a VPN connection to complete the software activation process.

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    Colin Murdison

    Luminar 3 was released to Canadian and other country users a couple of weeks prior to general release. I upgraded immediately. Subsequently, I have uninstalled the upgrade and backed down to Luminar 2018, because the product is unusable in its current form. I am incredulous that the general release is proceeding despite the unusable state of this upgrade. After building up Luminar's 2018 reputation as a credible product, Skylum is about to destroy that goodwill with this atrocious upgrade.

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    Guy Meacham

    Greg Wallis, I don't think the ambassadors are lying they just don't have the facts. Firstly they all use Macs, as far as I know Skylum has no Windows Ambassadors. Something I'd like to see changed. These Ambassadors do not know what works in Windows and what doesn't. I would like to see folks like Jim Nix add to all their videos a disclaimer that what he talks about on a Mac may not work on a Windows PC. It would help his reputation too.

    Also Ambassadors like Jim Nix are also given pre release versions to make videos with. In a recent one Jim nix talks about the "Tab Bar" an easy way to see the name of the file you are working on. He assumes that this is available in Mac and Windows but it's not available on either platform. This is misinformation but I don't believe it's Jim's fault but Skylums.


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    Robin Young

    Please make the DAM so you can opt in or out of it, I find Luminar 2018 much friendlier to use then Luminar 3 with the DAM  because of this I have re-installed Luminar 2018,

    Colud you also make the over and underexposure indicators pre-set so you don't have to set them everytime you load an image to edit.

    Regards Robin Young


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    Marc Peeters

    Luminar 2018 is much faster than luminar 3.

    No support for the Canon R who have CR3 raw files.

    Some of the tools are changed, keep the original Lum 2018 to build up Lum 3.


    Best regards Peeters Marc

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