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    Tom Ravenscroft

    I am also having trouble with Luminar 3. I installed it but whenI loaded my photos into the library it crashed. Now it wont start up and I have tried unistalling, modifying and reinstalling, but nothing works on either of my computers. Both use Windows 10

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    Igor Shishov

    Well, I just cannot activate Liminar 3. Internet connection is working, but Luminar doesn't see it. Windows 7.

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    Scott Baker

    I've uninstalled, reinstalled, put it on a different drive, etc. All to no avail. Luminar 2018 works fine, as does Lightroom 6, Topaz Labs, and ON1 RAW 2019. I really wanted Luminar 3 to work so I can get rid of Lightroom.

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    Wenxin He

    1. You may want to delete Luminar Catalog folder under Pictures.

    2. Relaunch Luminar.

    3. Adding folders one by one. At least adding those ones that you think the most likely to edit soon.


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    Jub De

    Deleting the catalog folder did not do anything to solve the problem. I did that procedure but I am still unbale to see any photos just black screen.

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    Michael Bodle

    For those who wish, a 60 day money back guarantee is on the Luminar 3 webpage.

    I have given up on the library and am using the opensource DAM 'Digikam' which has all that I expected Luminar 3 to have.

    The lack of credits on the website is obvious, which doesn't appear normal?

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    Manfred Bartelt

    @Michael Bodle

    Thanks for the information about Digikam. I will try it.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Everyone,

    We have put together a list of known issues and fixes/workarounds at - read the Luminar 3 Updates from the Support Team (to date there are four posts).

    If you're experiencing an issue that isn't addressed there then please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

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