Luminar 3 Unusable on Windows !



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    Maryna Skylum

    Hi Javed,

    The editing panel is greyed out when an image is being processed by Luminar 3. It might take some time.

    We're aware of the performance issues, and we're truly sorry if you encountered them.

    We will release an update meant to target these issues in the end of January - beginning of February.

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    Thomas Mahnken

    @maryna: thanks for your honest apology. Waiting patiently...
    ....damn, it's a long time til February! (sorry for swearing)

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    Javed Jeetoo


    • Thank you for the feedback - although I note that you did not respond to the two other issues raised in my post - Re: Color Management in Windows and Luminar Files 2018 greyed out in Luminar 3
    • My message to the team - especially the leadership team: After several months of delay, you finally approve of a product that is (currently) totally unusable for Windows Users !! Instead of sending your blog updates, please spend time with your product developers and most importantly, listen to your customers.
    • For the moment, I'll stick to Luminar 2018 for files already edited in this program but as from tonight, I am taking a subscription elsewhere for photos awaiting to be edited.
    • It is sad that you'll be losing customers because you DID have a great product :( 
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