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    Steve Ratts


    I've got both Luminar 2018 and Luminar 3 installed on my macbook pro (2015) running Mojave. When I click on the look file (*.mplumpak) it installs into L2018. I can get the looks installed in L3 one of three ways it seems.

    1. You can launch L3 and go to File > Add Luminar Looks Collection... and from that dialog box open the mplumpak file you want to install.

    2. With L3 launched you can go to File > Show Luminar Looks Folder... (note this brings you to the folder for user defined "Custom" looks, but you can navigate one level up in the tree and get to the folder where all looks are). Then do something similar in L2018: File > Show Presets Folder ... (again it takes you to the user "Custom" presets folder, so navigate up a level). With these two folders open in Finder windows you can then copy the various Preset folders from L2018 to L3. (probably want to copy and not move unless you want to simultaneously uninstall them all from L2018...)

    3. Right click on the mplumpak file in a finder window and select Open With. You'll see the default application is (kind of weird..). Below that you'll find options to open it with either L2018 or L3 (assuming you've got both installed). If you open it with L3 it will install the look in L3.

    Option 2 sounds harder than the other two, but is actually much quicker if you've got a bunch of presets in L2018 that you would like to have as looks in L3 since you can do them all in one fell swoop.

    If you want to fix this for yourself you can also go into Finder, right click on any mplumpak file and pick Get Info. In the Info window that pops up you'll see an Open With selector (with only two choices, neither of which are It will most likely be set to L2018, but you can set it to L3. But that fixes it for just the file you've requested info for, so you're not quite done! Next you'll want to click the "Change All..." button. Voila! From now on when you double click on an mplumpak file it will install into L3.

    Hey SkyLum! Wanna fix this for us so that when L3 is installed it grabs the default app slot for mplumpak files? ;-)

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