Heal & Clone function and how to adjust the size of the brush



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    Richard Harrington

    You can use the left and right bracket keys to adjust brush size


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    R H

    I do all my healing and cloning in ANY other program.  There isn't even a Done button.

    Healing and cloning should also be done on a separate layer.

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    Steve Kruger

    Since my early days of using Luminar 2018 I have used the SnapHeal CK as a plugin for Healing and Cloning. While not as good as the healing tools in PhotoShop, the price was right and under most circumstances worked pretty well.
    I appreciate that Skylum deems SnapHeal an EOL product, and that the Heal and Cloning tools in Luminar 3 are OK (not perfect), it would good to see Luminar 3 incorporate some of the decent healing and cloning features. 
    Whilst the CK products may be EOL, I find it hard to understand while it can't be used as a plugin like a lot of the other semi dead products that Luminar 3 has found on my hard drive eg the old Nik Software products that I rarely use...and yet there they are in my plugin list.


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