Canon EOS R - CR3 RAW files... when?



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    Helga Rowles... why do you keep embarrassing yourself in the name of your overlords at Skylum. i hope you are very wellpaid, to put yourselfinto this repeated position of ridicule by everyone following this thread.

    "Our developers are doing their best" is CERTAINLY not enough.

    3 months ago the partyline (by Kirk Osborn) was: "The support of .CR3 files will be added in our future updates. As for now, we don't have ETA, but our developers are working around the clock right now to get this feature added as soon as possible. Stay tuned and check for updates."

    6 months ago, Alina Skylum as the 'official comment': "Hi folks, Our developers are working around the clock to implement the support of .CR3 file format. There are some technical difficulties, but we are investigating the best way to overcome them"

    9 months ago, Angela Andrieux  (yes) the soviet-style liars at Skylum officially declared that "I don't have a release date for CR3 support, but we are working on it and hope to release it soon."


    so, dear Helga Rowles, please stop embarrassing yourself by sticking to a party line which has proven a lie all over. (alternatively we would have to deduce that Skylum developers have been working 9 months around the clock and are so incompetent that after spending around 700,000 $ in developemtn time (270 days x 24 hours x 100+ $/hour) they have not solved an issue which many around Skylum and Luminar have solved.

    an interesting question remains: will Luminar 4 (which requires payment of ANOTHER purchase) will have CR3 support?
    or will Skylum embarrass itself even further by delivering "new" paid software almost 2 years after the #1 camera maker (Canon) introduced a new RAW format keep ignoring the elephant in the room and keep pretending that 'Our developers are working around the clock to implement the support of .CR3 file format'.

    at one point Skylum has to choose if to be a laughingstock or certified incompetent. or both?

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    Les Cornwell

    "To everyone,

    Our developers are doing their best to implement CR3 support this Fall, please stay tuned!"

    Heard it all before. Like many others, I've given up on Luminar; too many empty promises. Skylum never even managed to get Luminar 3 working properly & now you expect people to pay again for version 4. No thanks!

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    Stefano Di Chiara

    To everyone,

    Please don't hold your breath... instead, plan a nice vacation, then renovate your house, eventually enjoy grandparenting, buy that big red convertible that you liked so much when you were young but couldn't afford, then finally retire, and at some point (maybe) when you think life has nothing new and surprising to show you, tada, Luminar will support CR3! 

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