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    Phil Hurd

    This is what I do Philip

    Select the 3 images you want to merge in Luminar 3

    Drag and drop them on to the Aurora2019 dock icon. This will open Aurora and present you with the HDR merge screen.

    Create Image and adjust as required in Aurora 2019. At this point you should have an option to also do further processing in Luminar 3. In the Menu-Bar Go To PLUGINS >LUMINAR. This will open a Luminar session for you to do further work on the image, such as B&W conversion etc. When you are happy, Click ACCEPT and you will be returned to Aurora 2019.

    Because Skylum have not implemented the full Luminar/Aurora interoperability (due end January I believe), you cannot just Accept the image and drop back into Luminar. You will need to either SAVE your image as an Aurora propriety file (.auh) if you want to do some more editing later or you can EXPORT as a JPEG or TIFF file. You will need to know where you want to save it to. If you save it to a Folder that is within the Luminar Cataloge, it will appear once you go back to Luminar.

    Hope that makes sense?


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