Is a refund still a possibility? How do we go about it?



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    Joseph Morelli

    I do not think it was even ready for Beta Testing yet.

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    Erwin Kramer

    Hallo Skylum Team,

    ich schließe mich meinem Vorredner Marty Damrell an.
    Ich habe jetzt ein Jahr auf die DAM gewartet. Und jetzt wird auf ein neues Update verwiesen 3.1.0 um die Fehler zu beheben,.wann kommt dieses Update? Luminar 3 ist für mich unter Windows10 nutzlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bitte erstatten Sie mir mein Geld zurück.Mir reicht es jetzt.

    Mfg E.kramer

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    Ferdy Aengus

    Also on windows 8.1 64 bit 32 Gb Ram crashes, does not open the library, I'm really disappointed. I'll ask for a refund !!

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    Marcelo Dias

    I agree with Marty and other. I found some bugs I am wondering whether there will be an update soon to fix them. Here are some serious matters to address:

    (i) when applying Lens Distortion, this function introduces noise in the image.

    (ii) switching from image to image in the Filmstrip, there exist a big dynamic color variation (with a twitch histogram) until it settles for a specific white balance--this makes me doubt the fidelity of the chosen white balance.

    (iii) sometimes, where the highlights are located, Luminar will have a discolored area (white), however zooming in and out may fix it temporarily. In other words I have found Luminar 3 to be very unstable with its color manipulation, which is a serious bug given its purpose. 

    (iv) when applying luminosity mask, there is no indication that the engine is working on the matter. 

    (v) I find the images noisier than other softwares.

    Besides, Luminar 3 is a very slow. 

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