Luminar 3 so slow




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    Jon Cowdock

    @andy gray so did I - sad to abandon Luminar after 2 years as I loved the workflow, but they just have not gripped the performance problems at all.  I am now using DxO and Affinity, only occasionally opening Luminar for one or two of its filters.  An added benefit is that DxO renders my Olympus RAW files much better than Luminar, so an unexpected bonus from the switch!


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    Helena Carter

    To Everyone - we're improving Luminar 3 performance with each release. it might also depend on different factors such as your hardware configuration and Library size. We recommend dividing your Library into multiple Catalogs if you have too many photos in your Library. It shoud improve the performance. 

    We're improving the features both on Mac and Windows versions with each update. There are some differences, but it can be explained by the peculiarities of each platform. We wish these 2 versions were completely the same, but it's not that easy and quick to make all the features work on different platforms the same way. Our developers are definitely working on it.

    Currently, there's no ETA for the next update, but we will keep you posted. Please, subscribe to our roadmap in order no to miss anything:


    We don't use sidecar files in Luminar 3. Instead, your edits, ratings/color tags and albums are stored in your Catalog in state files.You can work with several HDD, but just in case you have multiple Catalogs. The thing is, if you move your Catalog and photos to different HDD, Luminar 3 won't recognize your Edits anymore. Still, you can right-click the folder after you move it to a different HDD and click Locate Folder. Please, note that it doesn't work for subfolders as for now.

    Best regards

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