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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Gyger, 

    This is a known issue that occurs due to bad EXIF data in the photos that are being imported into Luminar. We'll release a hotfix for it soon.

    In order to get Luminar up and running while we fix everything, follow these steps:

    1. Reboot your computer.
    2. Locate your Luminar Catalog folder. The default location is C:\Users\UserName\Pictures\. If you specified a custom location for Luminar Catalog folder, search your custom location.
    3. Remove the Luminar Catalog folder.
    4. Start Luminar. This time it should open without errors.
    5. When adding an image folder to your Luminar catalog, specify another folder with photos (not the one you pointed Luminar to before encountering the error).
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    Uwe Marko
    It is a problem of the database. it starts up on its own and expands each photo with each filter to a new photo. In the photo tray you can only delete the Luminar catalog and restart. Then just choose a directory or a photo.
    After editing, exit Luminar 3 and delete the Luminar catalog. Otherwise you get the error database displayed the next time you open Luminr and then you have to close Luminar on the task manager (luminar .exe).
    I hope Luminar soon has a solution for everyone.
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