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    Denis Kotsee

    This is normal behavior. Check out this thread for more information:


    I'd suggest exporting a few JPEGs with different quality settings and seeing which one is the best combination of quality/weight for your purposes.

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    Pappu Murthy

    The thread has nothing to do with my question which pertains specifically to Luminar and how it exports as Jpegs. So with respect to luminar or Aurora, what should be my Jpeg export settings. at 100% quality and original resolution they were coming out as 30 or so megs. at 50% quality and original resolution they are down to like 3 megs or so.. the reduction seems to be nonlinear. Anyway may be I try 80 or 90% and  check what my jpeg sizes which I didn't do.


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Pappu,

    My colleague was using that thread to illustrate that Luminar and Aurora's JPG export file sizes are in line with other processing apps in that edited raw files, exported as 100% quality JPGs will have larger file sizes.

    As for the best export settings for you - it really depends on how you want to use your images now, and in the future. Personally I save all of my Luminar and Aurora edits at the highest resolution possible TIFFs so as to preserve as much data as possible. I only create jpgs for sharing on the web.

    If you are running low on hard drive space I suggest the same as Denis - to experiment with the quality settings to find the best balance for you in quality to size.

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    Michael Klass

    They re not equivalent.


    I took a Nikon D850 lossless compressed 14bit NEF and opened it in ACR and in Luminar flex. The original file was 53.8mb.

    In each app the ponly edit that I applied was Chromatic Aberation Correction.

    I then save them to a JPG with 100% quality, Adobe RGE color space and no sharpening.

    The ACR JPG was created quickly and was 20.8mb in size.

    The Luminar file took much longer to create and was 4846.4mb in size.

    The was no appreciable difference i  IQ when viewed at 100%. 

    Clearly, Luminar's JPG compression engine is inferior.

    Why doe this matter? If I take the JPG, and apply some other plug-in post Luminar, the file can exceed the 67mb limit for posting in my Zenfolio gallery. To correct this I then need to take another step and open the image in PS or some other program then resave it so the JPG gets compressed properly.

    I hope you have addressed this in Luminar 4. 

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