DAM date is December 18



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Michael,

    When you posts quotes like this, please be sure to share the link to your source as well. :-) Other users might be interested to know the source of the information.

    Please note that the roll out date will vary by country/region.

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    Jack Leslie

    Will Aurora 2019 be available as a plug-in from Luminar 3 with Libraries to connect Aurora with the DAM, or will there be some linkage between Aurora and the DAM?




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    Angela Andrieux

    @Michael - Thank you! :)

    @Jack - To the best of my knowledge you'll be able to access Aurora HDR 2019 as a plugin from Luminar 3.

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    Richard Harrington

    Luminar with Library panel is set for December 18. 

    This is not a full DAM version... there are more features coming through 2019.

    The ability to use Luminar with Aurora 19 is there now in a few ways

    1. You can use plugin menu and manually target the Lightroom or PSD plugin
    2. You can start in Aurora 2019 and send to Luminar after (my prefered workflow)

    But there will be more options in Luminar 3.0

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    Rodney Brown

    Richard, I hope point 2 is only a stopgap and once Luminar DAM is available it will call out to Aurora as a plugin since the DAM should own the workflow??

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    Fernando Ariznavarreta

    One more failed date.

    It was promised by november, then the end of november, no December, second half… will see if we have it by 2019.


    Anyway if it does not have a correct color management it would be almost useless, as it is now (for windows users).

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    Tony Collins

    Would you like to point to the promise for November?

    I think the problem with this discussion is too many people are interpreting target dates, or "hopefully by" dates as promises. They are not.

    The only clearly stated date I've ever seen is "in 2018" and now December 18th. 

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    Steve Adams

    @Tony Collins

    The problem with this discussion is that Skylum has made and broken promises... and taken money based on those promises... for well over a year. That's how long I've been waiting. Others have waited even longer.

    So now it's December 18th... and there are already disclaimer comments like Richard Harrington's "This is not a full DAM version..."


    After all the hype and promises, it'll be interesting to see what the DAM is like when it's finally released, but evidently even when it is, it'll be a stopgap with the promise that it'll really be great whenever we get the final version... some time in 2019.

    Deja vu?

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    Michael Anderson

    Why assume the full DAM will be available in 2019?   When/where has that commitment been made?    

    As I remember there were only promised that additional features would be coming in 2019.  No specific features and no specific dates.   



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    Tony Collins

    I bought Luminar also well over a year ago. At the time they were promising an update to DAM in 2018 - that promise is still on schedule to be met.

    I don't remember seeing any other promises - can you point to one? An actual promise, not a "we hope to...." type forum post?

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    Anastasia Davis

    @Tony Sure, the date is set. Thus, these are not just the words. Check the post here: 

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    Geoff Baysinger

    @Nastia ... linking a thread back to itself as proof of that thread is a bit ... circular?


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