Aurora HDR 2019 FAQ

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    Kay Pehnke

    Unfortunately, the link does not work for me :/

    I have already used two different mail. but do not get mail with the link. Also in the SPAM folder is nothing. what am I doing wrong?



    It's been dealt with ;)

    The easy way is to load the "DEMO" on the main page of Aurora and to register after the installation of Aurora19.

    So far I have not received any mail from you via the link above.



    Thx for the update with the links Angela :)

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Kay,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the link!

    Please try one of these:

    For MacOS: 

    For Windows: 

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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    Santiago Ribas

    How to uninstall Aurora 2017 on OSX?

    How to install mLUTs on Aurora 2019?

    How to get batch HDR process to work correctly with Aurora 2019, with the correct results, as planned ?

    Files, with and without Batch :

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    Daniel Scholz

    Hi Santiago,

    1. Go to the Applications folder and drag Aurora 2017 to the Trash.

    2. If your LUTs come in a .zip folder make sure to extract them before use:

    Start Aurora and open an image in it.
    In the filter stack on the right locate LUT Mapping filter. If the filter stack isn't visible, enable it by clicking View > Show Side Panel (View > Show Panel on Windows).
    In the LUT Mapping filter click Choose LUT > Load Custom LUT File > point Aurora to the LUT file you wish to load.

    3. If Batch processing doesn't work properly on your machine, please send us the screenshots directly to, we'll try to resolve this problem for you. 

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    Howard Burkholz

    I ran the installations for Aurora HDR 2019. It seems to be running through my browser? Maybe not. It is not on my hard drive in the application folder. Aurora HDR 2018 is still there but I'm not seeing 2019 on my computer. I'm not seeing it under Launch Pad (Aurora HDR 2018 is under Launch Pad too.) Need your help.


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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Howard! Could you drag the Aurora HDR 2019 manually to the application folder? This way, it will be on your hard drive, for sure. Let me know how it goes.

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    Jochen Berger

    In the mail with the link for the pre-ordered Aurora software, there were links to bonus material as well. Unfortunately, the three maupack files (Burning Moods, Dramatic Portraits, and Monochromatic Tones) won't open in Aurora 2019, but in Aurora 2018. Will there be an update for the files?

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    Denis Kotsee
    • Start Aurora.
    • To import a .maupack file click File > Import Aurora HDR Looks Pack > point Aurora to a .maupack file and click Open.
    • To import a .maup file click File > Import Aurora HDR Looks  > point Aurora to a .maup file and click Open. You can import multiple .maup files by selecting more than one of them. If you're on Windows, simply place .maup files into a folder that opens after you click File > Show Aurora HDR 2019 Looks Folder.

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