luminar export problem



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    Denis Kotsee

    We'll need to see the image as it appears in Luminar while you're editing and how it turns out on export. We'll also need to take a look at your project file to see what might be the reason the exported image turns out this way.

    Here's how you can send us the files:


    1. Visit
    2. If it's your first time visiting this website, it might ask you to purchase a subscription. Simply select to proceed with the free version.
    3. Click Add your files.
    4. Select the file(s) on your computer.
    5. After you see all the files you need to send appear in the list, click the icon to the left of the Transfer button (the icon looks like a circle with three dots in it).
    6. In Send As select Link.
    7. Click Transfer.
    8. After the files have finished uploading, click Copy Link and paste it into the reply to this post


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    Rico Körner

    An addition: Because luminar has no color management on Windows, colors will always look different, when displayed with an good viewer with right color rendition. (

    But all other than colors (and maybe contrast), should not affected from this ...

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