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    Anna V

    Let me explain, once you purchase Aurora HDR 2018/Luminar 2018 you receive all the updates for free. However, you are right, every year(sometimes every 1,5 year) we release a completely new product full of new features(Luminar 2017, Luminar 2018, Aurora HDR 2017, Aurora HDR 2018, Aurora HDR 2019). You can receive it for a special upgrade price.

    You can also keep using the app that you have purchased once. We are going to continue supporting and adding new features to Aurora HDR 2018 :)

    The upgrade to 2019 is completely optional.

    Concerning the DAM, mainly because there are so many people who need the DAM, we wanted to take just enough time to make everything right.

    We promise we will ship the DAM this year. I know it has been a long wait, but we don’t want to ship a product that we would not use ourselves. The new Luminar (with DAM) will bring you great speed and the most incredible user experience available. Your photos will play the main role. Our software aims to get out of the way.

    All Luminar 2018 owners will get the DAM update for free. 

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    K.G. Wuensch

    As a Luminar 2018 „owner“ I‘d rather have a year‘s worth of bug fixes than the dud of a DAM - looking at that screenshot posted on instagram by your US/Asia marketing dude it‘s a ripoff of Lightroom CC on a tablet and as such it is something I couldn‘t recommend to anyone, no matter the speed. The higglety pigglety view shown is completely useless for an overview once you exceed a few 100 images - because images take unpredictable space and even worse landscape orientated images dominate the view and clobber adjacent portrait orientated ones. That‘s why I wouldn‘t ever recommend Lightroom CC and if that is the only view Luminar has it will be DOA for me!

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