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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Jerry,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Lightroom plugin!

    The images should indeed be making the round-trip from LR > Aurora > LR. Usually "missing" images can be found by clicking into Library > Catalog > All Photographs.

    The reason that you may have to click into this folder is that if you're working on a recent import, you may actually be seeing the Library > Catalog > Previous Import shortcut rather than the Library > Folders > 2018-08-21 (for example) where you saved the images.

    After Clicking into All Photographs, and then back into the folder where your images are saved, you should see your image either stacked with the original OR at the end of the filmstrip, depending on how you've told Lightroom to sort images.

    If after doing that your Aurora edits still aren't showing in Lightroom please send us a note to with your PC info (instructions below) and the exact steps you're using to export to Aurora and return. A numbered list of steps would be the most convenient. For example: 

    1. Launch Luminar.

    2. Load the file named X with an extension Y.

    3. Apply Z filter.

    4. Set S slider to U value.

    5. etc. etc.

    For your PC info, please following the following instructions and include the saved file with your email.

    • Press the Windows logo key + R.
    • Type msinfo32 in the dialog box that opens and hit Enter on your keyboard.
    • In the window that opens, make sure you have System Summary highlighted on the left.
    • Click File > Export.
    • Type the name of the file and save it somewhere where you can easily find it

    Thanks in advance! We look forward to hearing from you.

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