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    Alina Skylum

    Hi Andy, 

    I will forward your request to our developers for their consideration. 

    Hopefully, it can be implemented once the new Mac OS and DAM are released.


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    Andy Hare

    Hi Alina

    Thanks for your reply.  I was wondering whether selecting files from the Finder Gallery view could be made in advance of Luminar's own DAM.  Of course if that's imminent then it's not an issue.




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    Sherwood Botsford

    In general software companies should target the lowest common denominator.

    For mac right now:

    Mavericks  5%

    Mountain Lion 10%

    El Capitan 15%

    Sierra 20%

    High Sierra 48%

    If I were a developer I would target Mountain Lion. Most apps run on higher OS versions, unless you are doing something really weird (Adobe, you listening?)

    The only reason to not target the oldest OS still supported is when you have some really cool OS feature.  Even at that point you consider carefully whether to:
    * Abandon your bottom end market.

    * Stick with the bottom end and ignore the new feature.

    * Have variant code that will use the new feature if present otherwise do the old way.

    You NEVER write for a new OS until it's been officially released, and even then, not until it's been out for a couple months.


    Exceptions:  If you write hardware drivers, then you need to stay on the cutting edge.

    Certain utility classes that interact closely with hardware and OS may need cutting edge.  For this you usually go with the variant code.

    Anything that bypasses the system libraries and writes directly to hardware. (Discouraged by OS managers) or uses lower level libraries to get closer to the hardware.  (these libraries change more from version to version.)


    For me a computer is a tool.  I have no desire to have the latest and greatest.  I tend to run the oldest version of the OS still supported.  Fewer bugs.

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