RAW photos taken with DJI Mavic Pro drone



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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Daniel,

    If you'd care to share an example here (your edit, and a JPG straight out of the camera) and list the steps you took with your edit in Aurora, I'd be happy to offer a few suggestions.

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    Daniel Schreckengost

    Angela,  Thank you for your response.  I can not share examples here because uploaded images are limited to 2MB.  I have both Aurora and Luminar which I was planning on using primarily for editing my drone photos.  The RAW photos from my DJI Mavic Pro are in .DNG format.

    I also received a message from Denis from Skylum Support stating:  "We've paused the drone support for the time being but if you can load a RAW from it into Luminar you can still edit it, even though it's not officially supported at the moment."   

    Not sure what that means, I can't expect Aurora and Luminar to work properly with the .DNG photos?




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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Daniel - Luminar and Aurora both support the DNG format. There are a few other considerations, however, with drone photos - such as specific lens corrections. However, the DNGs will work with our software.

    If you'd like to submit a file for testing you can use WeTransfer.com to upload and then send us a shared link to support@skylum.com. You can also post screenshots which are generally small enough to post here without issue.

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