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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Christian,

    Improvements to the display of metadata will be released when we launch the digital asset manager.

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    Sherwood Botsford

    More to the point is to have customized meta-data views.



    I can choose what fields a given metadata view shows:


    If the DAM properly supports XML data then in principle ALL fields are supported.  

    Certainly some sense needs to be used as to what to show.  Much of the data is meaningless to me.  But my meaningless may be your treasure.


    See this link for what is possible.

    ExifTool is public domain, although Skylum would do well to hire PH as a consultant.  Perl can be compiled, so an embedded version can be built in.  This gives most of the engine under the hood for moving metadata from file to file, or from database to files.  Wouldn't be optimized for speed.

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