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    Denis Kotsee

    Are you running Aurora on a laptop or a desktop?

    If you're on a laptop, it's highly likely that it has a discrete graphics card that can run Aurora but your system is defaulting to the built-in card that doesn't support OpenGL 3.3. Please refer to the manufacturer's website for more info about the availability of the discrete graphics card in your laptop, its capabilities, and on how to force an application to run on it.

    In case you have a desktop you're probably already running on a discrete video card. If updating drivers didn't solve the issue then it's very likely that you have an older card that doesn't support modern standards of computer graphics. You might want to consider replacing your old card with a more powerful one.

    There's also a possibility that your desktop doesn't have a discrete video card and you're running on the one that's built into the motherboard. If that's the case, purchasing a discrete card should solve this.

    Alternatively, you can revert back to using the previous version of Aurora which you can download from here:


    Have a good day!

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