OpenGL 3.3 and Later is Required




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    Julia Kot

    Hi Zaphod,

    Unfortunately, I haven't located any email sent from your email address or your name. 

    Please send info to 

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    Anusha Verma

    Hello Team

    I have issue launching luminar 2018 on my laptop. sent PC information to support email. Can i get some help on this.

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    Denis Kotsee

    @Anusha Verma we'll get in touch with you soon

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    Dale Cote

    Just downloaded this last night. Installed this morning after spending several hours making sure I had what is needed, I do. Get the GL 3.3 error. Contact Skylum and get the same thing as everyone else has. Really disappointed they have not been able to fix this yet. From what I have seen this would be a really good editor for me. I guess I will have to look for something that can handle machines that are not brand new or go to an earlier version, but if I do that what features won't be available?

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    Denis Kotsee

    Batch processing and some functionality in the Lens tab of RAW Develop filter won't be available - that's off the top of my head, but major functionality stayed the same between versions, so if what I mentioned isn't critical for your workflow, your work in Luminar shouldn't be hindered.

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    Marc Peeters

    Intel can ad support for 3.3 ( in my case a integrated graphic card 3000)

    But Intel won't do it ( it only supprt to 3.1) an why not 3.3.

    Intel is the blame for it, accuse them not Skylum.

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    Kenneth Roach

    Stumbled across this thread because Luminar doesn't much want to run on my old laptop. I must say, customer support at Luminar is most excellent. Please tell your CEO that the salaries of all Skylum CSRs should be doubled, effective last June.

    That said, I be disappointed here...

    Skylum's recommended solutions to the OpenGL 3.3 problem are 1) upgrade your hardware; and 2) run this antique version of Luminar that =should= be compatible with your antique hardware.

    Yes... I was able to download the old version of Luminar, and yes, it ran on my old Lenovo G470 notebook. That notebook is a "travel" computer only. I will not be upgrading it until it friggin' dies.

    As for your "upgrade your system" recommendation -- I can only conclude that "you must be Americans." You want me to say, spend $2,000US on a new state of the art laptop? And after six months, the motherboard will die, which I can replace for the low, low price of $3,000US? That's your recommendation? Because I've done exactly that in the past... And upon hearing the cost to repair, I junked that (HP) laptop. I only use dirt cheap laptops at this point. I only use cheapo laptops at this point, and even then, only when I travel... Only as temporary photo repositories.

    Otherwise, there are a great many people in the world who cannot easily afford what I consider to be disposable laptops. In fact, I (living in Thailand) recently upgraded a friend in Kenya from his older than dirt mobile phone to something relatively modern. No way he can afford a really cheapo laptop without begging. His new Huawei phone is everything to him, and so much better than the antique he was using before. We've talked... He just =might= get a computer one day. Not sure what its age or capabilities might turn out to be. One step at a time.

    Which is to say, recommending that customers upgrade their hardware is actually a pretty absurd thing to do. And so, what are Skylum's long term plans to provide their tools to customers who use older or less capable hardware? Are we to be "stuck" with downloading your old version of Luminar 2018. IF we can find a link to do so?

    I do understand that Skylum adopted OpenGL 3.3 in response to a problem of some sort... Something to do with achieving Mac parity. Except that the Windows and Mac versions are nowhere near parity. I mean, Skylum can't even find their way to make keyboard inputs equivalent at this time. How about that...

    All of which is just one person's input on this OpenGL 3.3 issue. Whatever the older version of Luminar 2018 that can be downloaded above might be, it runs on my old Lenovo G470 disposable notebook... The one that's had the screen repaired three times, and that's had the HD repaired with an SSD a year or so ago. Nice little machine now. Except that newer versions of Luminar won't run on it.

    Just food for thought. Thanks for listening! And I'm serious... Tell your CEO that your CSRs are literally CARRYING Luminar at this point, in spite of all the problems with Luminar Disaster 2, and that he needs to double your salaries ASAP.


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for your kind words for the support team! We truly appreciate it. We also appreciate your feedback on the tech requirements for Luminar. I'll share what you've written with our developers.

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