LUT to mplumpack conversion


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Pete - 

    Indeed you stumbled onto a great workaround!

    To create a LUT preset simply load up a LUT of your choice and modify the settings as desired and then click on Save Filters preset in the bottom right corner. These presets will be shown in your User Presets category.

    Unfortunately, at this time there is no way for users to create mplumpack files. We do have this option on our request list and I hope that we'll get that implemented in an update sooner rather than later.

    Some things you can do to help organize presets in the meantime - make use of the Star icon to mark favorites (they'll be available in your Favorites presets category). You can also add descriptive prefixes to your presets to help sort them - such as LUT-Candlelight (rather than just Candlelight).

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