Camera Profiles in RAW Develop Module



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    Denis Kotsee

    Installing Adobe DNG Converter might help.

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    Jerry Dean

    I have found that if I open an image directly from Luminar 2018 the camera profiles are there.  The issue that I am having after editing an image that I opened directly from Luminar is when I export the image to the LR folder I opened it from, sometimes it show up and other times it is missing. This happens even after I synchronize the LR folder. If I close LR the reopen the image is usually there.  

    If I export from LR Classic to Luminar the camera profiles are not present, this is also the same if dragging an image from LR to Luminar. 

    I enjoy using Luminar but without the long over due DAM it is frustrating to use.


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    Yves Smolders

    Maybe I'm doing smth wrong in the trial (Luminar 3), but I can't seem to see any olympus camera profiles.  I did go the route to create a DNG file out of an olympus RAW and import it, but I just get the one profile, no vivid, neutral, ...

    Thanks for your help.



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    Helena Carter

    Hi Yves. 

    Have you tried installing Adobe DNG Converter and see if profiles for your camera appear? This has been known to help in some cases:

    If this doesn't help, please, let us know.

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    Jim C

    Try using ColorChecker Passport, then the Colorchecker software to create your own DNG profile for the camera. You can save the profile in your documents, then you have to click the Load Custom DCP Profile, then check to see that it is processing as you like (I am using a dual illuminant DNG Profile with shade and sunshine). Then once you have gotten it as you like, you set as default as shown)

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    Alan Meyer

    Yeah, that's about right. One added bonus of using ColorChecker custom profile in Flex/Luminar is that it is as easy one click to delete old/unused custom profiles created. In Lightroom 6, it's a lot more convoluted altho I understand that in the CC versions, one can also just click to delete from inside the app Profiles drop-down menu itself....

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