Luminar Watermark Capabilty




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    Margaret Bright


    Watermark is indeed a highly requested feature, therefore we will surely consider implementing a dedicated tool for it in the future. 

    As of now, our latest app Luminar AI doesn't have a dedicated watermarking tool, but there is a workaround for adding a watermark in Luminar AI.

    You can add your watermark as a texture using the Local Masking tool. 

    This video can show you how it's done:

    More about the local masking tool:

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    Daniel Ward

    If this watermark function is highly requested, how come it not added to Luminar yet?

    I have been asking on these forums for 3 years now with no luck.

    I will continue to use Lightroom solely until skylum's developers add this feature.

    I do not want to use a "Work Around" when it is so easy in Adobe Lightroom! 

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