Aurora HDR processed picture turns out red




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    Kirk Osborn

    I'm afraid that Aurora HDR doesn't support RAW files from your camera. The support of Canon EOS 2000D may be added in one of the future updates. As for now, we don't have ETA, but please stay tuned and check for updates.

    For now, you can work with JPEGs or convert the RAW files to DNG and process them in Aurora HDR: 

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


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    Marco Marrocco

    Hi Nils, 

    I can't seem to find the 2000D in the list of supported cameras, so that's probably why you're ending up with that weird hue.

    If indeed it's not there, then you're out of luck and your best bet is using Adobe Camera RAW, or the free converter, in order to save your RAW files as DNG. In my experience, Aurora plays far nicer with DNGs than it does with the native RAW files from Canon.

    Hope this helps. Kindest Regards,



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    Nils Kollasch

    Thanks guys, then it seems the camera ist just not supported. Thought about upgrading anyways.

    But yes, converting with DNG converter in advance does help! Thanks for the hint!

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    Chris Conway

    I just ran into this problem.  I have a Canon Rebel T1i and a 5Dii both of which have no problems with Aurora HDR.

    I picked up a Canon Rebel T7 and it turns out that it's not on the supported cameras list although the T7i is on the list.  I don't understand what is different between a T7 and a T7i that would cause this problem but it does.

    End result - if I import that T7's images as .DNG (using Lightroom) the problem is solved and Aurora HDR performs normally, which is a relief as the purpose for which I purchased the T7 requires Aurora's batch HDR processing and for a while I thought I was screwed.  Thanks for the info on this thread, which helped me figure out what seems like some kind of bizarre glitch. 

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