Luminar AI 1.2.0 crashes after first adjustment with no warning or errors




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    Kirk Osborn

    Please try reinstalling the app in the following way:

    1. Go to “Apps and Features” by right click on the Start button;
    2. Find Luminar there and click [Uninstall] (you can also uninstall from the Control Panel);
    3. Type %appdata% in Search (folder Roaming should open);
    4. Find the folder “LuminarAI” and delete it (it deletes your license for Luminarᴬᴵ too. Please, note that your Custom and downloaded Looks/templates will be removed, so make sure to save them somewhere);
    5. Go to Pictures and rename the folder called Luminar AI Catalog (if you have your Catalog anywhere else, find it and rename it).
    6. Install the app once again and launch it: 
    7. Choose to Create a New Catalog and add a small folder with images or a single image for editing. 
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    Paul Hazelwood

    Thank you,   so far the program is working ok.

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    Claude Berthaud

    Since Luminar 1.2 ugrade, my Luminar AI open correctly on the desktop showing the last edited image and without doing any modification, Luminar disappear immediately without notice or error. I can reopen immediately it take a bit longer  and, same thing, Luminar fly out in 5 sec.
    I tried all councils a few times, deinstall, turn back to 1st edition, Ccleaner registry cleaning, change name of image file, etc.
    Only problem I see is : I upgraded my videocard to Radeon RX550 and 4K resolution. Is there a limit for the destop?. Luminar 3 works very well from the same SSD, looks included...

    Waiting for your help !


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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Claude,

    The new videocard shouldn't be the problem.

    We've sent you an email with the instructions that should help you resolve the issue. Please check your inbox.

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