What does the warning triangle mean




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    Klaus Busse

    I had this issue after each update of Big Sur.

    It seems to mean that the app can not find the file (which were not moved at all). Funny enough, if you tried to import it again, Luminar AI jumped to it, but was still not able to open it.

    After installing the just released 1.2, the issue now seems to be gone (keep fingers crossed).

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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hello Alex Thomas,

    Klaus is right. Luminar 4 catalog loses connection with images in Finder after Big Sur OS updates due to a bug. We eliminated it in Luminar AI. The solution for Luminar 4 will be implemented in upcoming updates. Please, stay tuned.

    Please follow the steps below in order to reconnect Luminar 4 catalog with the missing folders with images:

    1. Go to the Library tab (in the right-hand panel)

    2. Right-click the missing folder;

    3. Choose Locate Folder from the drop-down menu: https://prnt.sc/syjwtz;

    4. Find and point to the missing folder.

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