Aurora HDR 2019 freezes (and sometimes crashes) when exporting images




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    Kirk Osborn

    One of our support agents should be in touch with you soon. Please stay tuned.

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    mo athar

    Update: I ended up adding more RAM to my PC and Aurora is now happily processing the raw images from the Sony A7rii.

    Skylum tech support have been really helpful and gave me lots of tips to try out but nothing had worked on my PC.

    My suggestion to other users (if anyone has similar issues) would be to keep an eye on the memory usage in the task manager. That's how I worked out that Aurora needed a lot more than the 8GB RAM when processing large raw files (Sony A7rii uncompressed raw files are more than 80MB in size!).

    My request to Aurora team, please revise the minimum system requirement and warn the users that they will likely need more than 8GB when processing large images.



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