Luminar Ai Add/replace for Templates




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    Austin Miller

    Hello Roger.

    Please note that this is a meaning of a Template. It provides instant edits on a picture and if you do not like them you can simply add more edits or adjust them via the Edit tab.

    However, your suggestions will be passed to our tech department for their consideration!

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    Roger Salvesen

    Thanks Austin I understand fully. Add/Replace is a fairly standard feature in other software. How I feel it could Help Luminar is for those who wish to start with a default state e.g lens corrections and composition would then be able to try different Templates on the base edit without deleting them.

    I love Templates but I have to try them while looking at crooked photos with lens distortions. Once I choose a Template to keep I then have to scroll all the way down and correct my image. This ties into my other suggestion posted here

    So this could be done in two ways Add Replace or Default settings that ignore Template overwrite.

    In my mind this does not change the core of what Templates are

    Thanks for your attention!



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