Alternatives to Photolemur?




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    Elena O'Brien


    We are working on the compatibility update for Photolemur on Big Sur, so please stay tuned.

    For now, I can recommend you our brand new Luminar AI. The workflow is not quite the same as Photolemur and the software is not fully automated, but it has quite a lot of AI features that can be helpful to make your editing as quick as possible.

    You can apply Templates to your image. Luminar AI analyzes your images and makes a suggestion as to the templates that will suit your image the best. So you can apply them and leave an image as it is or tweak your image a little, if you wish. If you are feeling extra creative, you can also change the sky with the Sky AI tool or add something unique to your skies with the AI Augmented Sky tool.

    You can learn more about templates and how they work here:

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    Álvaro Orozco

    I also hope the same.

    On the other hand, I find it a theft and a bad idea to invite users to buy LUMINAR AI instead of fixing the problem.

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    Brandon Wolgast

    I agree with you. I did download the seven day trial of Luminar AI, and I DO like it - actually, quite a bit as it's not stuff that I normally do with photos (I'm far, far from a photo expert). But, that is why I have loved all three versions of Photolemur - super easy, can export dozens of photos at a time, etc. If Luminar AI had a mini-Photolemur built into it, so to speak, I'd pay an extra $10 on top of the current cost. But, as it is, AI is a great program from what I can tell, but it's not what I want/need. I'd much prefer they simply fix Photolemur to save the pictures (that's it!), and I will then, after it does become "old to me" continue to support Skylum in the future. As countless others here and elsewhere online have said, it's mind boggling that it's not fixed by this point.


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