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    Helena Carter

    Hi Jens,

    We’ve added a new Local Masking tool that lets you solve the problems that many rely on layers for. With it, you can make specific adjustments for individual areas or people. You can overlay textures or make targeted adjustments. Local adjustments are also easier to sync with multiple photos and can be stored in a Luminarᴬᴵ Template. The Local Masking tool eliminates the need for complex layers, bringing results and performance without clutter.

    At this time, we don't plan to introduce layers to Luminarᴬᴵ.

    However, you can export the photo and then open it in Luminar AI once again in order to apply the same filter one more time.

    Also, I'll make sure to forward your feedback to our developers as I completely understand your frustration.

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    Paul Hazelwood

    Helena Carter,   Local masking needs to allow access to all tools to be as effective as layers.Right now it only allows basics.  For example.   If I just need to adjust the color blue in one small area of my photo to polish it off I cannot.  How was something so simple overlooked?





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    Victoria Grace

    Hi Paul,

    In this case, I'd recommend you to use the brush option in our masking tool -

    This way you'll be able to get the desired results.


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    Paul Hazelwood

    Victoria Grace, Let me clarify a bit more since I didn't provide the specific details in my last post.  

     I will give an example using the color tool, but I think the problem applies to most of the other tools, "if" you have already used that tool over the entire image.  And I'm happy to hear a solution if I am doing something wrong.

    Specifically for this example,  I'm using the color tool and I adjust things where I like it in most of the image.   I've used the color tool to get all colors in the image how I want.  There is blue in several areas of the image,  but one spot just stands out a little to much, I do not want to change any other color.  I want to lower the intensity of the blue, just in one area, while leaving the blue in the rest of the image unchanged.

      I understand using the brush, but if you have already used a tool for the entire image, it appears that you cannot then use the brush in the same tool and work on a small section while leaving the rest of the image unchanged. 

    In the case of my example, I have already moved the blue HSL slider to say +14   But I need to adjust blue in one spot to say  -2.  I do not know of a way to adjust that specifically without also affecting the rest of the image since I have already made adjustments with the tool for the entire image.

    If there is a way, to use the tools that way, without having to export and reopen. let me know.     

    All that is needed to solve this, unless there is another way, is to allow ALL the programs tools in local masking.


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    Jens Plappert

    Same for the Portrait Filters.

    With Layers, i can do different settings on different persons. 

    What if the back line of people on a Group shoot need more Face light than the front, but all need some other adjustments? Do you think the same adjustments will work on the Black 70yr old Guy than on the 20yr Asian Girl?

    Sorry, but your local masking is not doing anything better, it's just limiting everybody. 

    Maybe that way works in some/many situations, but the optional usage of layers is essential. Slow as Luminar Exports it ain't a solution for shure to re-export the same image over and over again to do some assignments in different areas with different settings.


    By now i want a refund. If AI one day will be a real photo editor, maybe i'd buy it then. If it's working, it's also worth a full prive, but up to now its some impressive AI filters inside a big mess.

    Is it enough writing here or where do i have to set my refund request?

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