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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Arledge Armenaki,

    Right now, we are not working on a video-editing software, but that's truly a great suggestion, I will make sure to share it with out team. Hopefully, we'll do something like this in the future!

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    I'd like to add to this. I don't need video editing for big projects, but I'd like the luminar organizer to help me manage my phone vids.  

    Like everyone, I have a smart phone, and this is where most of my pictures are coming from these days. I download by the month, and photos and videos are all mixed together. 

    I'd rather not separate out the vids from my original file structure to view with another program because it seems like all photo management systems going forward are going to be able to organize and play these phone videos -- would your developers agree?

    The phone vids belong with the pictures. But I'm not sure how to view them/use them in the meantime, while waiting for what seems like an inevitable Luminar update. 

    Or are the Luminar developers thinking about this in a different way? If so, how?



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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Member,

    Currently, there are no plans to add video support to Luminar, I'm afraid, but we will be happy to share your suggestions with our devs team.

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