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    Elena O'Brien


    We're constantly working on expanding the supported camera list. Thus, it's just a matter of time until the app is able to read the files produced by your camera properly. 

    For now, we recommend you to install Adobe DNG Converter and convert your RAW files to DNG file format (which is supported by Luminar). 

    Please use one of the links below to download Adobe DNG Converter:

    For Mac OS: 

    For Windows: 


    As to the Texture, you can simply erase the texture where you don't want it to go or paint it back if needed.

    If you wish only a part of the image to be Black & White, please edit the mask to your liking with paint and erase tools here:

    You can also make a gradient or a radial mask.

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    Paul-Andre Belle-Isle

    Elena O'Brien Ok.. and what if I want to add a watermark that is small and move it somewhere on the image?

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Paul, 

    You can place it on canvas of a bigger size (in the necessary corner), then save it as a new file which can be uploaded to Local Masking > Texture. This new file can be positioned using the Zoom slider. See the video tutorials below: 

    Moreover, we've created a request to add more controls for the texture (to be able to position it precisely). I've added your vote for this functionality. 


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