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    Marco Marrocco

    Hi Paula,

    The exact details, and the number of seats/computers you can activate with one license vary, depending on what application you're talking about.

    Speaking in general: if you log on to your Skylum account, you can view a list of your licenses; all you need to do from there, is reset the number of activations for the program you want to move, this will deactivate it on your laptop - then you can go ahead and install+activate it on your desktop computer.

    If you see you have not ran out of activations for your license, you might even skip the 'reset' part and just activate the program on your desktop - this will save you some time, although it is good practice to deactivate the licenses in advance, if you don't plan to use them on a certain computer any longer, in case it gets lost or broken or given away.

    This is pretty much it, hope this helps,




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