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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi A-M B,

    The white balance tool will be coming in an update. As for exporting - neither the Mac or Windows version will export TO Lightroom. However, if you install the Luminar plugin for Lightroom you can send your raw (or edited TIFFs) from Lightroom to Aurora HDR for merging/editing and they will round-trip back to Lightroom when complete.

    Here are instructions for installing the LR Plugin:

    1. Make sure Aurora HDR is open. 

    2. On a Mac, simply choose Aurora HDR > Install Plugins… or on a PC choose File > Install Plugins 

    3. A new dialog box appears to show you which supported host applications you have currently installed on your computer.  


    4. The host applications supported by Aurora HDR 2018 are: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Elements (PC support coming soon) Apple Aperture (Mac-only)

    5. Click the Install/Uninstall button for the apps in which you’d like Aurora HDR to run.

    6. When finished, click Done to close the installer window.

    And here are instructions for using the plugin from Lightroom:

    1. Make sure Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is open.
    2. Choose your image(s) in Lightroom from the Library or Develop modules that you want to work on with Aurora HDR 2018.
    3. Choose File > Export with Preset and choose from one of two options.
        • Open original images. This option sends a 16-bit TIFF file from Lightroom to Aurora HDR 2018 and removes any adjustments that were applied in Lightroom first.
        • Use .TIFF with Lightroom adjusters. This option sends a 16-bit TIFF file from Lightroom to Aurora HDR 2018 and first applies any adjustments that were made in Lightroom to the transferred file.
    4. A new dialog appears to indicate that Aurora HDR 2018 is running. 
    5. Check the Tone Mapping box if you want to take advantage of Aurora HDR 2018’s tone mapping features
    6. Click the Create HDR button to process the image in Aurora HDR 2018.
    7. Make any edits or adjustments as needed in Aurora HDR 2018.  You can use presets to speed up your editing workflow.
    8. When done, click the Apply button to send the adjusted image back to Lightroom. A new file is added to your Library and stacked with the original in your Library.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

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