Transitioning From Lightroom to Luminar 4




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    Helena Carter

    Hi David,

    Let me answer your questions, please.

    1.  When I am finished editing my photos, how do I remove the photos in my session?

    If you open the image via Edit Single Image, then you can right-click on the image (after you've exported it for sure)>Remove From Single Image Edits, see the screenshot:

    If you work with Library, you can remove from Catalog only the Root folders (right-click>Remove From Catalog).

    2.  What is the purpose of PreviewCache, CacheDocuments and Backups?  It seems like these folder can get out of hand quick and eat up space on your hard drive...

    When you edit an image in Luminar, all of the filters you apply, the adjustments you make to those filters, everything you do to an image as well as your favorites and albums are saved in .state files inside Luminar Catalog folder.

    Backups folder stores your backups :) On Mac the backup is done once the app is launched, once you quit the app, and every 30 minutes (but only if you're working with data: making any edits, marking as favorites, grouping photos into the albums, etc.). On Windows, the backup is done every 24 hours.

    Preview Cache stores the previews for your images generated by Luminar. You can delete it, but this way the program will have to generate the previews and this will influence the speed.

    If you delete the Backups you won't be able to restore the edits if you lose them. However, if you export the photos right after editing and don't use the Library, I believe you can delete this folder in this case. 

    3.  Is there a good tutorial for beginners that explains various "functions" e.g. "Looks", "Library", etc...

    I would suggest to check out our YouTube channel You'll find lots of educational content there:


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    Egidio Leitao


    I'm afraid I don't have answers to your questions. However, I felt compelled to write you because Lightroom and Luminar 4 are two entirely different applications. I don't know what your workflow is in Lightroom. For example, if you rely on keywords in Lightroom, please be aware that there is no such functionality in Luminar.



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    I decided to move on from LR about a year ago and purchased both Luminar 4 and ON1 Photo RAW. On1 has a migration tool, which was useful albeit not 100% accurate. Having played around with both programmes for a month or two, I decided that On1 suited me better and that I would just use Luminar 4 for the occasional sky replacement. I think I made the right decision, as much as anything because Luminar 4 is a dead end and not compatible with Luminar AI. Whereas I was able to upgrade from ON1 Photo RAW 2020 to 2021. I needn't have of course.

    There are lots of good tutorials on both programmes on YouTube. I especially like those by Anthony Morganti.

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    David Nguyen

    Thanks for your comments Egidio Leitao and Londinense.  Much appreciate your insights.  I just need to play around with it more and get familiar with the workflow.  

    That was an interesting comment you made Londinense about Luminar 4 being dead.  I was wondering why Luminar 4 and Luminar AI was so similar, but now it makes sense.  I will admit the AI is a game changer.

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